Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: Susan Boyle - The Gift

Pop sensation Susan Boyle's second studio album is a collection of holiday carols called The Gift. With this release Susan again displays the unique gift that catapulted her from obscurity to stardom. Virtually unknown prior to the spring of 2009, she knocked the whole globe on its arse with her riveting, searing, tour de force audition for Britain's Got Talent. Since then, her career has done nothing more than ascend higher and higher into the stratosphere.

Perfect Day is a song that is spot on for Susan's vocals. She captures her listeners' attention without difficulty and delivers a gorgeous rendition of this standard. Do You Hear What I Hear is without question the album's centerpiece. This piece de resistance is arranged so beautifully that one literally drifts away on its gorgeous melody. Don't Dream It's Over is a surprise inclusion in this set and Susan's delivery is pristine. O Holy Night is another gem in the velvet cushion produced here, but O Come All Ye Faithful, the CD's final track, really stands out as an original performance of an overproduced standard.

I can think of no other singer on today's stage who could take a set like this and turn it into a masterpiece the way the incomparable Susan Boyle has achieved with The Gift. She is undeniably still "dreaming her dream" and as long she keeps the music flowing the planet will keep listening.


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