Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Review - Another Enchanted April by Eric Arvin

Novelist Eric Arvin has written yet another tale that is an instant must-read. The author of such popular books as SubSurdity, Superbilicious, Simple Men, and The Rest Is Illusion always takes his readers on a journey with his stories; a journey they simply don't want to get off. Another Enchanted April continues his magic streak.

This is the story of three guys who travel to a quaint bed and breakfast in the seaside town of Beechwood. Each one is looking for something different. While Doug is looking for sex and Jerry is looking for love, Tony isn't sure why he's there. In fact, he didn't want to come at all. But these three guys are in for more than they expected when they set out on their trip.

There's a garden with something supernatural going on. A roller skating drag queen enters the mix, as does a chef named Anna Magnani, and our trio of guys find themselves enjoying a comedy of errors of sorts as they wend their way toward the conclusion of this adventure. It's a ride to the finish that each of the protagonists will find illuminating in his own distinctive way.

Eric Arvin writes like someone who was born to write, and I think he was. His formulas are superbly wrought tales of human emotions and drama, into which he injects humor and insight, that give his tales a stamp that is uniquely Arvin. He knows just what his readers want and this he delivers with amazing clarity and a passion for what he's doing.

Another Enchanted April is a winner. Recommended reading.

5 Stars.

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