Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Review: Caesar's Fall by Dorien Grey

Dorien Grey's third Elliot Smith story once again combines the elements of murder and romance to paint a picture that even the most casual reader will enjoy. Elliot is aided by paranormal assistant John, a ghost with a lot to offer. He also has the support of his lover Steve, who is a painter, and the two must face the moment in all relationships when their future comes into question.

The mystery centers around lottery winner Bruno Caesar's murder. Bruno dies a somewhat grisly death. His killer also helps himself to a stamp collection that Bruno held dear. Bruno dies after telling everyone who's been taking advantage of his newfound wealth that he's cutting them off. Those suspected of the crime range from friends to family members and it seems all of those involved had something to gain from his untimely death.

Elliot becomes involved in solving the murder when the presence of John begins sending him messages in the scent of Old Spice cologne. Elliot and Steve were neigbors of Bruno's. Until now Elliot hasn't told Steve about John's manifestations. His reluctance is tested when Steve begins to smell the Old Spice as well. Also, John is giving Elliot informatin on the crime through his dreams and Elliot finds himself more and more embroiled in the case as the book progresses.

With the climax forthcoming, Elliot and Steve are brought to the moment where they must decide the fate of their romance, while Elliot has a killer to unmask thanks to the help of John. It's a threesome of infinite proportions as Elliot unfolds Caesar's Fall. The resolution will also lead him to his future.

A fine thriller with more hooks than a bait and tackle shop, Dorien Grey again gives his readers exactly what they're reading for. Caesar's Fall is a delight.

5 Stars.

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